Long Live the Royals


As the Queen’s confidant and magician, Allistair always has her ear and is a master manipulator. He’s kind of an evil dude, but Rosalind and Peter can usually persuade him into helping them with some scheme or another. He has a weakness for tiny chocolates. 


Frederick is King Rufus’ right-hand man and the head assistant to the court. He runs the day-to-day operations and keeps a level head while he puts up with all the crazy demands of the King, Queen and kids. 

Prince Alex

10 years-old Alex thinks he’s entitled to everything because he’s a prince. When King Rufus tries to discipline him, he runs to Queen Eleanor’s side, and she always saves him because she doesn’t know of his rotten antics. 

Prince Peter

He’d rather spend his time painting in the garden and studying in the library than practicing his swordplay. King Rufus often pressures Peter into doing things under the guise that it will be “good for him.” His father tries to give him grand life lessons in sound bites, but they’re often confusing rambles. 

Princess Rosalind

She loves all animals and has a pet fox named Tobias. She’s more comfortable hunting in the forest than attending a royal ball. The 17 year-old princess couldn’t be more different than her closest younger brother, Prince Peter.

Queen Eleanor

Queen Eleanor is very concerned with keeping up appearances. She can’t be bothered to pay attention to the needs of the people, but heaven forbid her daughter forgets to bow to the visiting Arch-Duke of Where-everington. She will always try to win an argument, even if there is no argument to be won. 

King Rufus

King Rufus has a hard time keeping his kids in order and ruling the land. He fondly remembers his time as a youth growing up on a peaceful farm with no stress. While he really cares about his kids, sometimes he doesn’t know how to relate to them. He also enjoys long baths.

Long Live the Royals

The holidays can be a hectic time, even more so if you’re royalty. The royal family tries to keep it together as they navigate the week-long Yule Hare Festival. There will be delicious food, exciting frights, singing  forestmen, and most important, a family you’ll love to laugh at.