Flapjack is an extremely friendly and adventure-loving boy who was raised by a talking whale named Bubbie. Now he spends most of his time with best friend and adventure expert Captain K'nuckles, getting into risky situations because he's so naive about danger.

Captain K'nuckles

Captain K'nuckles claims to be the greatest pirate the world has ever known. He's always telling Flapjack made-up tales of his adventures and getting them both into trouble on the high seas. He is made mostly of wood, and his favourite thing in the world is candy.


Bubbie is like an over-protective mother to Flapjack. She prefers safe Stormalong Harbour to the dangerous open seas, but Bubbie is always there for Flapjack, no matter what kind of trouble K'nuckles gets him into. She is also rumoured to be the fastest whale in the sea.


Flapjack was raised at sea by a talking whale, but his peaceful life was turned upside down the day he met Captain K'nuckles. The old sailor filled Flapjack's head with dreams of high seas adventure.