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Belson is a bully who's more likely to throw out a sarcastic quip than a punch. A spoiled rich kid, Belson secretly likes Clarence, although he'd never admit it.


Filled with unfailing excitement and curiosity, Clarence loves everything because he finds everything amazing. His unique attitude makes each and every day the best day ever.


Clarence's best friend, Sumo, is a scrappy, streetwise kid. He's an unpredictable wild card and fearless to a fault, but he's also fiercely loyal to his friends and always available.


Clarence's best friend, Jeff, is a bit of a square with a long list of phobias, but even someone as uptight as Jeff can't help but have fun when Clarence is around.


Mary is Clarence's mom, and her rare combination of patience, stamina, humor and unconditional support make her the perfect parent for Clarence.


In a world of noise, Clarence is a jar of sunshine, pure and simple. He sees the world only in his favourite colours: goofy grape and neon green. Clarence values his friends Jeff and Sumo and his mother Mary more than gold. No matter what happens, good or bad, nothing brings Clarence down.